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   12Pt Silk Businesscard
   16Pt Silk Businesscard
   12Pt Silk Postcard
   16Pt Silk Postcard
   Saddle stitched booklet
   Special price Brochure(80lb)
   Special Paper Businesscard
   Premium Businesscard
   Plastic card
   14pt Glued Folder
   Custom order

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Order type Actual size Artwork size with bleed Download file View file
Business cards 3.5x2 3.625x2.125 businesscard(3.5x2).zip businesscard(3.5x2).jpg
Pet business cards 3.38x2.12 3.54x2.28 businesscard(PET).zip businesscard(PET).jpg
Special business cards 3.54x1.96 3.62x2.04 businesscard(Special_paper).zip businesscard(Special_paper).jpg
Brochure 8.5x11 8.7x11.2 brochure(8.5x11).zip brochure(8.5x11).jpg
Brochure 8.5x11 8.7x11.2 brochure(8.5x11,Trifold).zip brochure(8.5x11,Trifold).jpg
Folder Refer to templet 9x12 compositionfolder.zip compositionfolder.jpg
Folder Refer to templet 9x12 gluedfolder(One_pocket).zip gluedfolder(One_pocket).jpg
Folder Refer to templet 9x12 gluedfolder(Two_pocket).zip gluedfolder(Two_pocket).jpg
Folder Refer to templet 9x12 gluedfolder(Two_pocket,none_standard).zip gluedfolder(Two_pocket,none_standard).jpg
Letterhead 8.5x11 8.7x11.2 letterhead(8.5x11).zip letterhead(8.5x11).jpg
Magnetic cards 3.5x2 3.7x2.2 magnetic(3.5x2).zip magnetic(3.5x2).jpg
Postcards 4x6 4.125x6.125 postcard(4x6).zip postcard(4x6).jpg
Scratch cards 3.5x2 3.625x2.125 scratchcard(3.5x2).zip scratchcard(3.5x2).jpg
Sticker 3.5x2 3.74x2.16 sticker(3.5x2).zip sticker(3.5x2).jpg
Envelope Refer to templet 5.75x4.375 envelope(5.75x4.375).zip envelope(5.75x4.375).jpg
Envelope Refer to templet 6.5x4.75 envelope(6.5x4.75).zip envelope(6.5x4.75).jpg
Envelope Refer to templet 6.5x4.75 Big top flap envelope(6.5x4.75,big_top_flap).zip envelope(6.5x4.75,big_top_flap).jpg
Envelope Refer to templet 7.25x5.25 envelope(7.25x5.25).zip envelope(7.25x5.25).jpg
Envelope Refer to templet 9x6 envelope(9x6).zip envelope(9x6).jpg
Envelope Refer to templet 9x11.5 Both side sticker envelope(9x11.5,both_side_sticker).zip envelope(9x11.5,both_side_sticker).jpg
Envelope Refer to templet #10 envelope(10).zip envelope(10).jpg
Envelope Refer to templet A4 regular envelope(A4regular).zip envelope(A4regular).jpg
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